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Polyurethane Insulation Material Equipment Has A Variety Of Functions

Polyurethane insulation material equipment is widely used in the field of building insulation and waterproof, is one of the leading energy-saving products in the market. Easy to install, generous effect, energy saving and environmental protection. This is also in line with the development trend of low-carbon life in the country. Polyurethane insulation material equipment is usually used for exterior wall insulation, and has a variety of functions.


1. It can effectively increase the use area of the house, while the use area of the polyurethane composite board is very small.
2. Install polyurethane composite panels to improve wall moisture. The inner insulating layer has a layer of air that prevents condensation, while the outer insulating layer does not require an air layer. It protects the insulation layer from moisture, and the outer insulation layer increases the temperature of the wall and improves the insulation performance of the wall.
3. The north region has high requirements for heat insulation in winter. The installation of polyurethane composite board heat insulation material can meet the energy saving requirements of the North, and improve the thermal stability and comfort of the living environment.
4. Since the interior walls of a building have a large heat capacity, adding insulation to the exterior of the walls can mitigate temperature variations inside. If the room temperature is stable, energy will be saved. In summer, external insulation reduces the penetration of solar radiation. Warm in winter and cool in summer to improve environmental quality at room temperature.

Post time: Aug-26-2022