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PU Foam In Place Packing Machine Failures And Troubleshooting Methods

1. The injection state is not ideal
1)Reasons for pressure: If the pressure is too high, the sprayed raw materials will splash and rebound seriously or the scattering will be too large; if the pressure is too low, the raw materials will be mixed unevenly.
2)Reasons for temperature: If the temperature is too high, the foaming agent in the polyol will be vaporized, which will cause the raw material to have a fluffy effect, causing the raw material to scatter too much; As a result, the two raw materials are mixed unevenly, resulting in waste, low foaming ratio, and poor thermal insulation effect of products.
2. The foam is white and soft, the debonding is slow, and the foam shrinks
1)Check whether the black material side filter screen, the nozzle hole and the inclined hole are blocked, and if so, clean it up.
2) Properly increase the temperature and pressure of the black material. When the air pressure is close to the starting pressure of the air compressor, the pressure of the white material should be appropriately reduced. (It can be simply summarized as: too much white material)
3. Crispy foam and deep color
1)Properly increase the temperature or pressure of the white material.
2)Check whether the filter screen on the side of the white material, the white material hole of the gun nozzle, and the inclined hole are blocked, and whether the filter screen at the bottom of the white material pump is blocked, and if so, clean it up.
4. The black and white materials are obviously unevenly mixed when the raw materials just come out of the nozzle and are not foamed.
1)The viscosity of the raw material is too large or the temperature of the raw material is too low.
2)If the PU foam in place packing machine only has a little bit when the gun is fired, it belongs to the cold material in the front of the gun, which is a normal situation.
3)The air pressure is lower than 0.7Mpa.


5. The A or B pump is beating rapidly, and the nozzle discharge is reduced or not discharged.
1)Check whether the joint between the pump head and the cylinder is loose.
2)Immediately stop the machine to check whether the raw material of the black or white material barrel is empty, if so, replace the material, and drain the air of the feeding pipe before powering on, otherwise the empty material pipe will easily burn the heating wire!
3)Check whether the filter screen of the spray gun, the nozzle and the inclined hole are blocked.
6. The power switch automatically jumps off
1)Check whether the live wire of the PU foam in place packing machine has any leakage, and whether the ground wire of the neutral wire is connected incorrectly.
2)Whether the power cord of the machine is short-circuited.
3)Whether the black and white material heating wire touches the shell.

Post time: Sep-01-2022