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The main reason for abnormal pressure of polyurethane high pressure foaming machine

The foaming quality of the polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine is the standard for determining the performance of the foaming machine. The foaming quality of the foaming machine should be judged based on the following three aspects: foam fineness, foam uniformity and foam bleeding. The amount of foam bleeding refers to the amount of foaming agent solution produced after the foam bursts. The less the foam oozes out and the less water the foam contains, the better the foaming properties of the polyurethane high pressure blowing agent.

high pressure pu machineThe main reasons for the abnormal pressure of the polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine are as follows:
1. The hydraulic components of the hydraulic circuit (such as hydraulic cylinders and control valves) are severely worn or the sealing components are damaged, resulting in internal leakage of the hydraulic circuit.
2. There is an external leak in the oil circuit of the system, for example, the oil pipe is broken, and the interface between the oil pipe and the hydraulic components is seriously leaking.
3. The oil filter is blocked by impurities in the oil, the oil temperature is too high, the oil suction pipe of the hydraulic pump is too thin, etc., so the oil absorbed by the hydraulic pump is insufficient or absorbed.
4. The specifications of the hydraulic pump drive motor do not meet the requirements, such as the output and speed of the mortar foaming machine motor and the steering of the motor.

Post time: Aug-05-2022