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The Role Of Polyurethane Pumice Stone

Polyurethane pumice has high strength, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, waterproof, fireproof, acid and alkali resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, enzyme resistance, and no pollution, no radioactivity, etc. It is an ideal green, environmental protection and energy saving wall decoration material.

Pumice has good decorative properties and high strength. The texture of polyurethane pumice is as hard as natural stone, and the coating surface is like porous honeycomb. It has strong texture, good decoration and wear resistance; Heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption; waterproof, mixed materials, no abnormal changes in three immersion water, waterproof; fireproof, with inorganic binders, no smoke, no falling off, no burning, no harmful and toxic at high temperatures Gas; good weather resistance, natural colored sand, colored stone, natural color, no dyes, organic and inorganic mixed material, special bridge structure, can prevent deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting , anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, sun resistance, non-discoloration, non-radioactive and other characteristics;

Good stain resistance, good resistance to enzyme denaturation, volcanic rock veneer can inhibit the reproduction and growth of enzyme bacteria and algae in a humid environment. Not easy to grow enzymes.

The color is bright and pure, and the appearance is elegant and solemn. It is widely used in the decoration of various building exterior walls and the ground paving of municipal roads and squares and residential quarters. It is also the stone of various antique buildings, European-style buildings and garden buildings. durable;

Sound absorption and noise reduction are conducive to improving the auditory environment; simple and natural avoid glare, which is beneficial to improving the visual environment; water absorption, skid resistance and heat resistance are beneficial to improving the somatosensory environment; the unique “breathing” function can adjust the air humidity and improve the ecological environment. All kinds of unique advantages can meet the new fashion of people who pursue simplicity and nature and advocate green environmental protection in building decoration in today’s era.

Polyurethane pumice is the perfect solution to get rid of stubborn calluses and get soft, healthy, smooth, beautiful feet. Pumice stone has extra-coarse grit on both sides and is ideal for treating the toughest calluses, corns and hardened dead skin. Improvement of traditional natural pumice stone with synthetic foamed polyurethane material. Unlike other materials (such as natural stone, glass, etc.) that may have holes, teardrops, and other structural defects. It is also a hygienic solution that naturally corrodes during use to prevent unhygienic build-up of skin cells during use.

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Post time: Aug-26-2022