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Waterproof And Safety Precautions For Polyurethane Foaming Machine In Operation

No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, waterproofing is a matter that should be paid attention to. The same is true for polyurethane foaming machines. These machines are produced by generating electricity. If water enters, it will not only cause normal operation, but also shorten the life of the machine.

high pressure foam machine

1. Wear protective equipment when mixing the two stock solutions;

2. Good ventilation and cleanliness in the working environment;

3. If the ambient temperature is very high, it will cause the liquid to vaporize and there will be pressure. At this time, the exhaust cover should be opened first, and then the barrel cover should be opened after the gas is released;

4. When the polyurethane foaming machine has flame retardant requirements for the foam, an additive flame retardant should be used;

5. The proportion must be mastered in the process of manual foaming;

6. When our skin is in direct contact with the original solution, we should wash it with soap and water immediately. If it is in contact with the B material, we should immediately wipe it off with medical cotton, rinse with water for 15 minutes, and then rinse with soap or alcohol.

Post time: Sep-01-2022