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2022 Four Factors Drive The Future Development Of Polyurethane

1. Policy promotion.

A series of policies and regulations on building energy conservation have been promulgated in China. The energy conservation and emission reduction of construction projects is the key investment direction of the government, and the building energy conservation policy has become an important driving force for the polyurethane market.

2. Automobile industry.

The amount of automotive plastics such as polyurethane materials is an important indicator to measure the technical level of modern automotive design and manufacturing. At present, the average plastic consumption of cars in developed countries is about 190kg/car, accounting for 13%-15% of the car’s own weight, while the average plastic consumption of cars in my country is 80-100kg/car, accounting for 8% of the car’s self-weight, and the application ratio is obviously low.
In 2010, my country’s automobile production and sales reached 18.267 million and 18.069 million respectively, ranking first in the world. According to the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the automobile industry, by 2015, the actual production capacity of automobiles in my country will reach 53 million vehicles. The future development of my country’s auto industry will gradually change from pursuing production capacity and scale to focusing on quality and level. In 2010, the consumption of PU in my country’s automobile industry was about 300,000 tons. In the future, with the substantial increase in my country’s automobile production and the increase in the level of plastic consumption, it is expected that by 2015, the consumption of PU in my country’s automobile industry will reach 800,000-900,000 tons.

3. Building energy saving.

According to my country’s energy-saving work deployment, by the end of 2010, urban buildings should meet the design standard of 50% energy saving, and by 2020, the total energy consumption of buildings in the whole society should achieve at least 65% energy saving. At present, the main material for building energy conservation in China is polystyrene. To achieve the energy saving target of 65% in 2020, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive energy conservation measures for the exterior walls of 43 billion square meters of buildings. Among the building energy-saving thermal insulation materials in developed countries, polyurethane occupies 75% of the market share, while less than 10% of the current building thermal insulation materials in my country use polyurethane rigid foam materials. field of application.

4. Market demand for refrigerators and other refrigeration appliances.

Polyurethane has an irreplaceable role in the application of refrigerators and freezers. With the development of urbanization, the increase in the popularity of refrigerators and the upgrading of products have driven the development of the refrigerator and freezer markets, and the development space of polyurethane in the field of refrigerators and freezers has also increased.

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Post time: Jul-07-2022