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Have You Encountered The Following Problems In The Process Of Polyurethane Foaming?

Polyurethane foam is a high molecular polymer. A product made from polyurethane and polyether that has been expertly mixed. So far, there are two types of flexible foam and rigid foam on the market. Among them, the rigid foam is a closed-cell structure, while the flexible foam is an open-cell structure. Different structures have different fields of application.

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The function of polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam can play a buffering role. Whether it is rigid foam or flexible foam, the material is good and can be buffered. Of course, it can also have a sound insulation effect, and it can be used in some fields to isolate some sounds very well. Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. In the rigid foam of polyurethane foam, there is a material with thermal insulation and waterproof functions, which minimizes the thermal conductivity. In some fields, such a low thermal conductivity blowing agent is required, and other adhesives are really not suitable for use.

保温应用 防水喷涂

The application of polyurethane foam

Energy saving and environmental protection. As a filler, the gap can be completely filled, and the adhesive performance can be achieved. After curing, it can stick firmly and has a long service life.

Compression and shockproof. When the polyurethane foam is fully cured, there will be no cracking, corrosion and peeling. It has a wide range of applications and a wide range of uses. It can be used in new energy, military industry, medical treatment, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail, etc., with low conductivity, good heat resistance, and heat preservation. Used in electronics, power supply and other fields, it can effectively resist high temperature environment and exert thermal insulation performance.

Soundproofing and insulating. When the polyurethane foam is completely cured, it can be very moisture-proof and waterproof. Even in a dark and humid environment, there will be no problems.

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Common problems and preventive measures of polyurethane foam

Abnormal Problem Possible Causes Preventive Measures
leaking bubbles
  1. The barrel body is not tightly sealed when pre-installed before foaming, and there is a gap for leaking bubbles.
  2. The proportion of foaming stock solution is improper, and the foaming agent is too much.
1. Adjust the foam plug and the outer barrel foam silicone ring to ensure that the foam plug and the barrel are tightly sealed.2. Adjust the foaming stock solution ratio.
bubble 1. Too much foam.2. The foaming mold is loose and deformed by force during foaming. 1. Adjust the amount of foam2. Repair or replace the foaming mold
vacuoles 1. The amount of foam is low2. Improper ratio of stock solution and low foaming agent3. The foaming speed is too fast,

4. The flow of foaming liquid in the barrel is too long.

1. Increase the amount of foam2. Adjust the ratio3. Adjust the foaming speed

4.Change the position of the injection hole or increase the injection point to shorten the flow of the foaming liquid in the barrel

not sticky 1. There is oil on the surface of the inner tank2. The surface smoothness of the inner liner or surgical inner wall is too high, and the adhesion of the bubble liquid is poor3. The ambient temperature is too low, and the surface temperature of the stock solution, mold, barrel and shell is too low. 1. Clean oil stains with alcohol2. Replace the liner or shell material, or reduce the requirements for the surface finish of the liner (inner wall of the shell)3. Increase the ambient temperature and preheat the foaming system.
Inhomogeneous mixture 1. Injection pressure is too low2. The stock solution is too dirty or the temperature is too low, and the flow is unstable. 1. Increase the injection pressure and strengthen the mixing of black and white materials2. Filter the stock solution and clean the foaming gun head regularly. Increase the temperature of the stock solution.
shrink 1. Improper ratio of stock solution2. Uneven mixing 1. Adjust the ratio2. Mix evenly
uneven density 1. Uneven mixing2.The flow of foaming liquid in each direction in the barrel is too long 1. Mix evenly2.Change the position of the injection hole or increase the injection point to shorten the flow of the foaming liquid in the barrel
deformation 1. The aging time is not enough2. The strength of the shell material is not enough to shrink and deform 1. Extend the aging time2.Improve the shrinkage resistance of the material

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