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Maintenance Knowledge Of PU Foaming Machine

The well-known PU foaming machine mainly produces PU series products. The whole body of the machine is composed of a stainless steel frame, and the impact mixing method is used to make it evenly synthesized. So, what do we need to do to maintain our PU foaming machine?


1. Air pressure system of PU foaming machine

Our machinery needs to be dewatered once a week to ensure lubrication of the parts. We can also use petroleum jelly to lubricate the frame of the dispenser head and the measuring head. Remove the fuel tank vent valve monthly to clean the intake passages and sealing components. You can also apply butter on the inside for lubricating protection.

2. Hydraulic system of PU foaming machine

The filter should not be cleaned frequently. You can clean it every six months. You will need to replace the filter every two cleanings. Change hydraulic oil every six months. You can also lubricate with petroleum jelly or hydraulic oil. When replacing the new oil every year, the internal mechanical parts of the oil tank and the hydraulic reversing valve should be cleaned at the same time. The hydraulic diverter valve has a service life of about two years. We have to keep this in mind.

3. Raw material system of PU foaming machine

The pressure of the raw material tank requires that the dry air is nitrogen. Every year we need to remove the filter and clean the inside with methylene chloride and a copper brush, then use DOP to clean the filter paper of residual methylene chloride. The seals of the black material variable pump are replaced quarterly, and the seals of the white material variable pump are replaced every two quarters. The O-rings of the measuring head and dispensing head should be replaced every six months.

4. Mixing skills of PU foaming machine

Do not disassemble the body of the nozzle unless there is a malfunction. The nozzle head has a lifespan of approximately 500,000 injections and can be used continuously after maintenance.

5. Management of stagnation of PU foaming machine

If it is within a week, there is no need for excessive management. If the downtime is long, the feedstock needs to go through a low pressure cycle when starting the machine, and occasionally a short (about 10 seconds) high pressure cycle (about 4 to 5 times).

Post time: Sep-15-2022