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The Difference Between Low Pressure Foaming Machine And High Pressure Foaming Machine

Low pressure foaming machines are widely used, mainly for the production of rigid, semi-rigid or soft polyurethane products.

Product features are:

1. Intelligent digital display instrument, small temperature error;

2. To ensure accurate measurement, with high-precision low-speed metering pump, digital speedometer. Under the correct conditions of use, the accuracy error of the instrument does not exceed 0.5 °C, which ensures the authenticity of the product;

3. The device design is reasonable, the mixing head is light and durable, the mixing is uniform, and it is easy to clean.


So what is the difference between a low-pressure foaming machine and a high-pressure foaming machine? Let’s introduce it from three aspects:

First, the principles are different

After the AB two-component liquid of the high-pressure foaming machine is proportioned and stirred at a high speed, the raw material liquid is evenly ejected to form the desired product. The low-pressure foaming machine has an automatic feeding device, which can be loaded at any time. Both AB drums can hold 120 kg of liquid material. The material is simply equipped with a water jacket to heat or cool the material liquid over the water temperature.

2. Different characteristics

The topping of the foaming machine has advanced structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and simple maintenance. Can be used for forward, backward, left, right, up and down 3D movement.

Three different applications.

The high pressure foaming machine can be used for automobile interior decoration, thermal insulation wall spraying and thermal insulation pipe manufacturing. Low-pressure foaming machines are widely used in multi-mode continuous production of rigid and semi-rigid polyurethane products such as petrochemical equipment, directly buried pipelines, cold storage, water tanks, instruments and other thermal insulation and sound insulation equipment.

After understanding the characteristics and differences between low-pressure foaming machines and high-pressure foaming machines, do you have a clearer understanding of the choice of products? I hope that customers who are interested in buying foaming machines can choose products that suit them.

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Post time: Sep-15-2022