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What are the dos and don’ts of polyurethane sprayers?

What are the dos and don’ts of polyurethane sprayers? The polyurethane sprayer is a special coating machine using spraying technology. The principle is to accelerate the switching of the pneumatic steering device so that the pneumatic motor acts instantly and the piston becomes a steady and continuous repetitive motion.

To increase the urethane intake, the urethane is delivered to the spray gun of the sprayer via a high-pressure hose, where the material is instantaneously sprayed inside the gun and then released onto the surface of the object to be coated. The spraying consists mainly of a supply unit, a spray gun and a mist generator. It is suitable for spraying the exterior wall insulation of buildings, spraying the interior wall insulation, spraying the cold storage insulation, spraying the sound insulation of car hulls, spraying the anti-corrosion of ship cabins, spraying the waterproofing of roofs and other industries.

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What are the precautions for polyurethane spraying machine?

What should I pay attention to during the coating process of polyurethane sprayers? The spacing is different for each type of polyurethane. Remind everyone that during construction, polyurethane should be separated from hydraulic spraying, pneumatic spraying, etc. I give you details.

1. Remember to adjust the style of the machine in advance.

Basically, when we spray, we recommend that you first top, bottom, left and right first on the material, do not apply too much during construction. Basically, when polyurethane is repainted when using anti-corrosion polyurethane, the construction spacing should not be too large. Is the polyurethane too thin.

2. Remember high pressure airless spraying.

This is actually a relatively fast method of polyurethane. According to the construction requirements of spraying the degree of thinness and thickness, changes in the commissioning of polyurethane spraying machine, so as to better achieve the results required by customers.

What is the maintenance method of polyurethane sprayers?

1. Polyurethane sprayer maintenance. If the polyurethane spraying system is clogged or needs too much dust, it is necessary to replace the air filter surface, spraying about 3 days or so to open. Clean the oil filtration system at the back of the cabinet. Also, always clean the oil from the transport network chain and add grease.

2. Maintenance of the fuel supply system. When the spray has run out, open the spray return valve to allow the paint to flow to the ink tank, remove the tank and clean the solvent. Enter the mixing tank, start the pump, open the return valve and the gun to circulate the cleaning solvent on the fuel line and clean the gun and pump. The pump and gun are very precise please do not disassemble them at will. To prevent damage.

3. Pneumatic pump and cylinder should be well sealed after a week or 50 hours of operation, the degree of belt looseness at the drive, the degree of tightness of the coupling, the appearance of the pump should be clean, apply thin oil to prevent dirt adhesion.

4. Clutch, backflow unloading valve, reducer, air compressor and other major components should be checked regularly according to the use requirements. If there is wear and tear damage, it should be adjusted and replaced in time.

5.Polyurethane spraying machine oiling tank of the dirty clean.

Post time: Jan-17-2023