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What is the difference between polyurethane insulation board and extruded plastic insulation board?

Decoration will use a lot of plates, environmental health without pollution of the release of formaldehyde will be very little, very beneficial to human health. But many people do not understand the polyurethane insulation board and extrusion board, do not know which is better, so what is the difference between polyurethane insulation board and extrusion insulation board?

1, extruded plastic insulation board has a good dense star shape, with good insulation effect. Usually, the thickness of the external wall of the building is relatively small, but because it is the inner layer of the closed-cell structure, it can show good moisture-proof performance, even in a humid environment, it can also play a relatively good role in heat insulation. It can be used with confidence in places such as cold storage. This material is light in texture and brings many benefits to construction. Transportation and installation are relatively easy, and it can be used as usual in cold winters. Stability and anti-corrosion properties are also not right, high temperature can be used continuously for more than 30 years without any problems.

2, polyurethane insulation board is another kind of rubber insulation board. The thermal conductivity of its foaming agent fully shows its good insulation performance and insulation effect. This product can be used for about 50 years. The product’s air resistance and water resistance are quite good, it is easy to match, and can be used with many materials. Compared with other insulation materials, the insulation performance of this product can be said to have, its thickness is quite thin, saving a lot of building space, lighter, ensuring quality, simpler construction, saving a lot of labor and materials, etc. Many good properties make it play the role of herbal medicine in the field of industrial production.


3, polyurethane board because of the different density, the molecular structure is also different. High-density polyurethane insulation board has strong resistance to deformation, not easy to crack, and the coating is stable and safe. Polyurethane has a stable pore structure and closed pore structure, not only has excellent insulation function, but also has the function of freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption. Under normal operation and maintenance conditions, the uniform life of rigid foam polyurethane insulation structure can reach more than 30 years.

Is polyurethane insulation board harmful to human body?

1, polyurethane insulation board is not harmful to human body. Polyurethane is mainly used in its production. It is a non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting material. But polyurethane will have smoke if it burns, which is harmful to human body.

2, see polyurethane insulation board as long as not on fire, there is no harm to the human body. Polyurethane insulation board itself is particularly high fire performance. The use of high temperature, up to 180c, even so, the user also need to do a good job of fire prevention.

3, polyurethane insulation board is harmless to humans, the materials used in the production are high environmental performance. Production also uses fluorine-free foam technology, does not contain any fiber, the selection of materials in line with national environmental standards.

4, polyurethane insulation board has many advantages of harmless to humans, but there is a disadvantage is the high cost of materials used in the production, the price is more expensive.

Post time: Jan-09-2023