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What to look for when buying a polyurethane sprayer

As polyurethane sprayers have been widely used in building insulation and waterproofing and are in increasing demand, many people are unaware of what to look for and what to look for when buying a polyurethane sprayer.

A high quality polyurethane sprayer must include: a stable material conveying system, a precise material metering system, a homogeneous material mixing system, a good material atomisation system and a convenient material cleaning system. The spraying equipment must have heating, holding, pressurisation and impact mixing.

When buying a polyurethane sprayer, make sure you check carefully its quality stability, performance and after-sales service technology, otherwise it can easily become dangerous. Let’s take a look at the things you should pay attention to when buying a polyurethane sprayer.

1. Stability of quality. Industrial processing equipment works in complex environments and can probably work for long periods of time without stopping, so the stability of the quality of the equipment is extremely important.

2. Performance. It depends mainly on the speed and capacity of the equipment to load powder, and the ability to process complex workpieces. It is difficult at first, so be careful and try to learn.

3. Technical service is part of the after-sales service. Most customers usually need experienced and professional technicians to understand this and the average sales person cannot meet this requirement, so this is also important.

Why the polyurethane sprayer market can grow so quickly depends on the advantages of polyurethane sprayers.

1. High pressure. High pressure atomises the polyurethane coating into very small particles and sprays them onto the walls. Even small gaps can be sprayed into which the coating can be applied, which allows for a tighter bond between the coating and the substrate.

2. The construction is not limited by height. Long gun lengths, long spraying distances and easy to spray at average height

3. The working environment is kept clean and tidy. The paint is not dispersed everywhere when spraying.

4. High production efficiency, especially suitable for adiabatic heat treatment of large and shaped objects, fast forming speed and high production efficiency.

5. Suitable for all shapes of substrates. Whether flat, vertical or top surface, whether round, spherical or other irregularly shaped complex objects, they can be directly treated with foam spraying without the costly manufacture of moulds.

Post time: Jan-17-2023