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What is polyurethane insulation board?

Features of polyurethane insulation board:

1. There are many specifications and varieties, the range of bulk density: (40-60kg/m3); the range of length: (0.5m-4m); the range of width: (0.5m-1.2m); the range of thickness: (20mm-200mm).

2. The cutting precision is high, and the thickness error is ±0.5mm, thus ensuring the flatness of the surface of the finished product.

3. The foam is fine and the cells are uniform.

4. The bulk density is light, which can reduce the self-weight of the finished product, which is 30-60% lower than the traditional product.

5. High compressive strength, can withstand huge pressure in the process of manufacturing finished products.

6. It is convenient for quality inspection. Since the surrounding skin is removed during the cutting process, the quality of the board is clear at a glance, which ensures the thermal insulation effect of the finished product.​​

7. Thickness can be produced and processed according to user requirements.


Comparison of the performance of polyurethane insulation board with other insulation materials:

1. Defects of polystyrene: it is easy to burn in case of fire, will shrink after a long time, and has poor thermal insulation performance.

2. Defects of rock wool and glass wool: harming the environment, breeding bacteria, high water absorption, poor thermal insulation effect, poor strength, and short service life.

3. Defects of phenolic board: easy to oxygen, deformation, high water absorption, high brittleness and easy to break.

4. The advantages of polyurethane insulation board: flame retardant, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, sound insulation, light and easy to construct.



Densitykg/m3 40- 60
Compressive Strengthkg/cm2 2.0 – 2.7
Closed Cell Rate% > 93
Water Absorption% ≤3
Thermal Conductivity W/m*k ≤0.025
Dimensional Stability% ≤ 1.5
Operating Temperature℃ -60℃ +120℃
Oxygen Index % ≥26

Application fields of polyurethane insulation board:

As the core material of color steel sandwich panels, it is widely used in purification workshops, workshops, cold storages, etc. The company produces various specifications of color steel series, stainless steel series sandwich insulation board.


Post time: Jul-15-2022