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Application Of Polyurea Spraying Machine In Sculpture Industry

EPS(Expanded Polystyrene) components do not discolor, mold or age, the shape is fixed, and a variety of colors can be adjusted. The qualitative effect of polyurea spraying has been widely used in the sculpture industry. Spray polyurea coating is solvent-free, fast curing and simple process. Can be easily sprayed on exterior walls and curved surfaces thicker than ten millimeters without sagging. Using this characteristic of it, many vivid and realistic artificial natural landscapes can be created, ranging from rocks and branches of various shapes, to whole rock walls or towering trees, even the small gravel on the rocks can be well washed copy. In addition, the use of a highly flexible formula can faithfully reproduce a tree that looks and feels like real bark, with no restrictions on size and shape, and is highly productive.

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Due to the high spraying efficiency, the product produced has a smooth surface and can be applied on-site with a complete spraying equipment. The construction area is not limited, the thickness is not limited, and the multi-layer spraying is not layered. The resulting scene is realistic and protects the foam sculpture from destruction. The reproducibility of the original shape is good, so it is favored by the sculpture industry.

Spray polyurea materials are widely used in the foam sculpture industry, including the protection of wedding film and television propswaterproof protection of theme parkswater parks and various riding facilitiesstage setsadvertising exhibits, protection of antique buildingsfilm and television props, urban sculptures, protection of antique buildings, museum taxidermy, etc.

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Polyurea spray machine foam sculpture spraying features:

1. The on-site spraying construction sculpture prototype has good reproducibility, and the coating is continuous, dense and seamless:

2. The coating material has excellent mechanical properties and good elastic tear resistance, water resistance and impermeability;

3. The material has excellent construction characteristics.


Post time: Jun-10-2022