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The Application Of Polyurethane Spraying Machine In Casting

The polyurethane spraying machine has two kinds of nozzles: spray nozzel and casting nozzel. When the casting nozzle is used, the polyurethane spraying machine is suitable for the casting of solar water heaterswater coolersanti-theft doorswater tower water tanksrefrigeratorselectric water heaters, hollow bricks, pipes and other products; at the same time It is also suitable for the packaging of various special-shaped and fragile items such as precision instruments, mechanical products, handicrafts, ceramic utensils, glass products, lighting products, bathroom products, etc.

bosch-solar-water-heater-500x500 IMG_9149 Protective-Coatings3

The adjustment range of the casting amount can be adjusted arbitrarily between 0 and the maximum, and the adjustment accuracy is 1%; the polyurethane foaming machine has a temperature control system, when the specified temperature is reached, it will automatically stop heating, and its control accuracy can reach 1%.

The structure principle of polyurethane high pressure spraying machine: the main structure of polyurethane high pressure spraying machine is composed of feeding device, spray gun, atomization chamber, cleaning mechanism, power source and high pressure pump. Among them, there are different types of spray guns, and the specific model depends on the equipment structure and installation of the sprayer.

spray gun3


Advantages of sprayer equipment
1. Keep the construction environment clean and tidy. When sprayed by a urethane sprayer, the paint does not spread all over the place.
2. The structure of polyurethane spraying machine is not limited by height. Long spray gun length, long spray distance, can spray the same height easily.
3. High production efficiency, especially suitable for adiabatic heat treatment of large-area and special-shaped objects, with fast forming speed and high production efficiency.
4. Polyurethane spraying machine is suitable for various shapes of substrates. Whether it is a plane, a vertical surface, a top surface, a circle, a sphere or other complex objects with irregular shapes, it can be directly sprayed and foamed, and the production cost is low.
5. High pressure. The high pressure of the urethane sprayer atomizes the urethane paint into very small particles, which are then sprayed on the wall. In this way, the coating can be sprayed even with small gaps for better adhesion and densification of the coating and substrate.

Post time: Jun-10-2022