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Which is better, rubber sole or PU sole?

With the improvement of everyone’s living standards, everyone has begun to pursue a high-quality life in all aspects. It is also in the choice of shoes. The experience brought by different shoes is also different. The common ones are rubber soles and polyurethane shoes.


Rubber soles have the advantages of being very soft and elastic, but they are not wear-resistant. The rubber soles are made of polymer compounds as raw materials; while the polyurethane soles are very light, with high adhesive ratio and comfort, and the soles are also very wear-resistant.

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Which is better, rubber sole or polyurethane sole?

It doesn’t matter which of these two shoes is the best, just which sole is more suitable for which occasion. Rubber sole is a commonly used material for safety shoes. It has strong anti-corrosion properties and wear resistance. It is a polymer compound that not only has high elasticity, but also has high wear resistance and flex resistance, and can withstand many Bending, stretching, and compressing without damage;

The polyurethane sole is a commonly used material for ordinary shoes, which is light and comfortable to wear. It usually forms various bubbles in production, and has the characteristics of elasticity, light weight, oil resistance, etc., and is comfortable and elastic to wear. Polyurethane soles are relatively simple to process and form. They are made by one-step molding process without bonding, which saves labor and time. It is not only beneficial to the health of producers, but also does not pollute the environment, which greatly improves production efficiency.

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Post time: Jul-15-2022