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PU Foam Ear Plug Sponge Polyurethane Earplugs Foaming Machine

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PU Foam Ear Plug Sponge Polyurethane Earplugs Foaming Machine

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Memory foam earplugs automatic production line is our company’s advanced experience at home and abroad in the digestion and absorption, and combining the actual requirement of polyurethane foaming machine production, the development of a pu earplugs production line equipment.Mould opening with automatic timing and function of automatic clamping, can ensure that the product curing and constant temperature time, make our products can meet the requirements of certain physical properties.This equipment adopts high precision hybrid head and metering system and distributor;Measuring system adopts servo inverter control, can ensure measurement accuracy stable operation.Through market research this production line has a saving materials, high yield, save labor and materials for the enterprise to achieve high efficiency of return, etc.

Material tank Metering Pump Metering pump motor power Flow rate Station Total Power
A 150L JRB 0.75KW 3-15g/s 10 11KW
A 250L JRB 0.75KW 10
B 30L JR2.4 0.4KW customizable

Specifications of ear plugs production line:

1.Low pressure polyurethane foam earplug production line, is specially designed as customer’s need.
2.This production line has about 17 moulds, and each mould has 48 holes.
3.you can choose more moulds, if you need more production capacity. PU Earplug Making MachineThe equipment adopt high precision mixing head,metering system,and distributor.PU Low Pressure Foaming MachineAdopting PLC and touch screen man-machine interface to control the injection,automatic cleaning and air flush,stable performance.

Figures of ear plugs production line:

1. reasonable cost
2. high performance
3. turn-key business
4. satisfying after sale service

Disposable ear plugs made from soft PU foam|Easy to adapt inside the earing canal and rapidly expanding to offer immediate protection against harmful noises|Each pair inside individual hygienic polybag|Excellent attenuation rate

PU foam disposable ear plugs made with soft and durable foam. Easy to insert and remove. Excellent attenuation level and a comfortable fit for long periods of use.


Great for dorm setting,blocking out noisy parties and roommates.Perfect for sleeping,studying in your room or the library.


Wear the ear of the high elastic cap,make you more comfortable even wear long ears will not feel pain.


According to the ear geometry structure design,more human invasion to eliminate noise,high and low effect is better. 

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