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High Quality Polyurethane Casting Machine For Polyurethane Screen Panels

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High Quality Polyurethane Casting Machine For Polyurethane Screen Panels

PU Elastomer Casting Machine Introduction:

Polyurethane elastomer casting machine is a kind of equipment to produce castable polyurethane elastomer with MOCA or BDO as chain extender. PU elastomer casting machine is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of CPU such as seals, grinding wheel, roller, screen mesh, impeller, OA machine, pulley pulley, buffer and other products.

No. Item Technical Parameter
1 Injection Pressure 0.1-0.6Mpa
2 Injection flow rate 50-130g/s 3-8Kg/min
3 Mixing ratio range 100:6-18(adjustable)
4 Injection time 0.5~99.99S (correct to 0.01S)
5 Temperature control error ±2℃
6 Repeated injection precision ±1%
7 Mixing head Around 5000rpm (4600~6200rpm,adjustable), forced dynamic mixing
8 Tank volume 220L/30L
A maximum working temperature 70~110℃
B maximum working temperature 110~130℃
9 Cleaning tank 20L 304# stainless steel
10 Metering pump JR50/JR50/JR9
A1 A2 Metering pump displacement 50CC/r
B Metering pump displacement 6CC/r
A1 A2 agitator speed 23RPM
11 Compressed air requirement Dry, oil free P:0.6-0.8MPa Q:600L/min(Customer-owned)
12 Vacuum requirement P:6X10-2Pa(6 BAR) Speed of exhaust:15L/S
13 Temperature control system Heating: 18~24KW
14 Input power Three-phrase five-wire,380V 50HZ
15 Heating power TANK A1/A2: 4.6KW TANK B: 7.2KW
16 Total power 34KW
17 Working Temperature Room temperature to 200℃
18 Swing arm Fixed arm, 1 meter
19 Volume About 2300*2000*2300(mm)
20 Color (selectable) Deep blue
21 Weight 2000Kg


Product Features of PU Elastomer Casting Machine:

High temperature, low speed and high precision metering pump with high metering accuracy and random error within ± 0.5%. The material output is regulated by frequency converter and frequency conversion motor, with high pressure precision and simple and fast speed ratio. ◆ high performance mixing device, adjustable pressure, synchronous and accurate material output and uniform mixing; The new mechanical seal structure avoids the problem of backflow. Special mixing head high-efficiency vacuum device to ensure no bubbles. The heat transfer oil adopts electromagnetic heating mode, which is efficient and energy-saving; Multipoint temperature control system, stable temperature, random error < ± 2 ℃. PLC and touch screen human-machine interface control pouring, automatic cleaning, air purification and stability
Performance. Strong operability, can automatically identify, diagnose, alarm abnormal conditions and display abnormal factors.


Polyurethane screen mesh, also known as PU mesh, polyurethane screens and polyurethane screen panels. It is made from a type of high polymer material – polyurethane, which has excellent performance in the harsh environment. Polyurethane has good resistance to various acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

Widely used in the production of CUP type PU elastomer items which adopt MOCA or BDO as chain extender,such as CPU wheel,castor,roller,sieve plate,impeller,seal ring,shock absorber,dumbell and so on. 

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