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Factory Freezer Coldroom Panels Forming Machine PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

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Factory Freezer Coldroom Panels Forming Machine PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

Introduciton: The two-in-two series plate production line designed and manufactured by our company is mainly used for the production of cold storage plates. The refrigerated plate production line has absorbed many advantages of the press. The composite machine is mainly composed of a machine to form a frame and a loading template. The clamping method is hydraulically driven. , The carrier template is heated by a water heating mold temperature machine to ensure a curing temperature of 40°. The laminating machine can be tilted from 0 to 5 degrees as a whole. In order to facilitate the work piece material and take action and move the template up and down automatically into the laminating machine; the four-layer mobile template can be alternately produced to improve production efficiency.

Laminating machine parts
number of plies 2+2 Load the template size 12500*1200mm
mould height 250mm clamping force 280kgf
working oil pressure 15mpa Heat the water pressure 0.2mpa
water temperature 85℃ voltage 380V/50HZ
power 120kw weight 60T
Travelling form
Upper mobile template operation level 1052mm lower speed of mobile template driven 693mm
speed of mobile template driven 360mm/s
Track component
orbit altitude 170mm Track length 40500mm
Number of sets of orbit 2sets lay direction Laminating machine around both ends

This production line adopts European technology, cost reduced by technical transformation, which has high stiffness, strength, accuracy, and stability; polyurethane sandwich panel production line is used for the continuous production of polyurethane foam sandwich panel, such as polyurethane insulation panel with surface layer of non-woven cloth, cement mortar, kraft paper or aluminum foil.

Application: Cold storage is in thermal insulation materials,such as polyurethane insulation board,and create the suitable temperature by cooling facilities warehouse and low temperature conditions.   

Cold Room Panels are composed of 3 layers, the external and internal is galvanized sheet or Aluminum sheets, and core materials used high density polyurethane foam. Thanks to their good thermal insulation properties, it can be applied in projects that required very high heat insulation performanece, like cold storage, cool room ,freezer, refrigerating workshop construction.

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