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Integral Skin Foam(ISF) Making Machine High Pressure Foaming Machine

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Since the self-skin foam has a high-strength outer layer, the overall physical and mechanical properties of its products greatly exceed those of ordinary polyurethane foams of the same density. On the contrary, under the premise of requiring the same physical properties, only lower density self-skinning products are required. In this way, under the premise of quality assurance, the purpose of saving dosage and reducing product cost is achieved. Therefore, self-skin foam plastic products are widely used in automobile steering wheels, PU armrests, headrests, bicycle saddles, motorcycle saddles, easy chair armrests and headrests, door handles, spoilers and bumpers.

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①High-precision (error 3.5~5‰) and high-speed air pump are used to ensure the accuracy and stability of the material metering system.

②The raw material tank is insulated by electric heating to ensure the stability of the material temperature.

③The mixing device adopts a special sealing device (independent research and development), so that the stirring shaft running at high speed does not pour material and does not channel material.

⑤ The mixing device has a spiral structure, and the unilateral mechanism gap is 1mm, which greatly improves the product quality and the equipment stability.



1. The structure design of the material tank and the function of each component
The 150L (Ф500×650) tanks of A and B are two-layer structure: the inner tank is made of acid-resistant argon arc welded stainless steel (material 304); the heating jacket is equipped with a spiral baffle, which makes the heating more uniform and prevents the tank from being caused by excessive oil temperature. The inner raw material polymerization kettle thickens; achieves the effect of saving electricity and time. The upper part of the tank is a machined arch cover, electric heating tube 3kw frame type constant speed stirring WB100-LD59 (n=20r.p.m) 0.55kw/4p (with precision mechanical seal), feeding port Φ100, sight glass 2xΦ80 and built-in cold light flashlight.

2. Structural design of metering device and function of each component
The metering pump adopts high-precision (error 3.5~5‰) high-speed aviation pump, with a temperature resistance of 150°C and a pressure resistance of 8Mpa, so that the metering pump can work under constant temperature conditions and the metering is more accurate.
Metering device structure: It consists of metering pump, bracket, metering pump reducer, filter device, temperature, pressure sensor, etc.

3. The structure design of the material pipe and the function of each component
The material tube is made of epoxy resin, the pressure resistance is 8mPa, and the raw material is transported in the tube.

4. Structural design of mixing device (casting head) and function of each component
① The pouring head adopts a special sealing device, and the mixing head adopts a spiral mixing head (independent research and development) to ensure uniform mixing and no bubbles within the adjustment range of the required pouring amount and mixing ratio.
② The mixing head motor is adjusted by frequency conversion to make the mixing head rotate at high speed in the mixing chamber. When the A and B stock solutions are switched from circulation to pouring state, they enter the mixing chamber after passing through the orifice, and are injected into the mold or model; when pouring is completed and switched to the reflux state, they return to their respective tanks through the regulating valve; when cleaning, the solvent cleans the mixing head , to ensure normal operation next time.

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Power (kW): 9kW Dimension(L*W*H): 4100(L)*1250(W)*2300(H)mm
Product Type: Foam Net Processing Type: Foaming Machine
Condition: New Output: 16-66g/s
Machine Type: Foaming Machine Voltage: 380V
Weight (KG): 2000 KG Warranty: 1 YEAR
Key Selling Points: Automatic Local Service Location: Turkey, Pakistan, India
Showroom Location: Turkey, Pakistan, India Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant
Strength 1: Self-cleaning Filter Strength 2: Precise Metering
Feeding System: Automatic Control System: PLC
Tank Volume: 250L Power: Three-phase Five-wire 380V
Name: Foamed Concrete Chemicals Port: Ningbo For High Pressure Machine
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