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PU Rectangular Indoor Anti-Fatigue Mat Foam Pouring Machine

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PU Rectangular Indoor Anti-Fatigue Mat Foam Pouring Machine

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The whole circular production line consists as following:

1. the drive system: the driving device of the circular line.

2. rack and slide

3. ground rail

4. few groups of trolleys: each group of trolley can put a pair of molds

5. high pressure foam filling machine or low pressure pu foaming machine

1 Number of trolleys 10
2 Total power (about):40kw
3 Power Supply 380V 50HZ
4 air supply 60bar(Compressed air)
5 Table size 1700mm*800mm
6 Trolley closed height 300mm
7 Airbag travel 20mm
8 Maximum weight of mold 200kg
9 time of line to run a week (adjustable frequency) 3min-10min
10 Transmission motor power 4kw
11 Mold temperature heating power 18kw/set (1set)



Turntable system

The utility model relates to a circular platform composed of an I-beam, a channel steel and a steel plate. The frame is welded by the steel and channel steel, the top of the framework is provided with a fan-shaped steel plate, which is used for installing the mold frame, the mold temperature machine, the control system and the pipeline.

Control system

Using PLC control system of German Siemens brand, the main drive motor adopts frequency conversion speed control. The speed of each station can be set on the touch screen. The turntable is equipped with an automatic identification encoder, which can automatically identify the position number, and transfer the position number to the high pressure machine.

Low pressure foaming machine

Newly developed by Yongjia company based on learning and absorbing advanced techniques abroad, which is widely employed in the production of automotive parts, automotive interior, toys, memory pillow and other kinds of flexible foams like integral skin, high resilience and slow rebound , etc. This machine has high repeat injection precision, even mixing,stable performance, easy operation, and high production efficiency, etc.


Ideal for placing in front of sinks, stovetops, kitchen countertops, laundry rooms or any other area of the home where you spend a lot of time on your feet, these supportive mats help to relieve foot, leg and back pain caused from extending standing. Easy to clean, simply spot clean with warm water, mild detergent and air dry as needed.

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