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Horizontal Cutting Machine Wave Sponge Cutting Machine For Mattress, Sofa, Lined With Wavy Sponge

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This machine is also called sponge wave cutting machine, it is a thick sponge through tooth press to cut two pieces of concave and convex corresponding products, mainly used for making health mattress, pillow and packaging. At the same time, it can also be used for peak-valley pressure type of muffler sponge, wavy sponge to reduce noise absorption noise.

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This machine mainly cuts the foam into concave and convex shape It’s could be divide into large wavemedium wave and small wave according to its wave. And it is suitable for mattress and article for daily use. It’s convenient and easy to learn and has a comprehensive usage. This machine mainly cuts the foam into concave and convex shape which is suitable for mattress, packing and cushion, each machine is quipped with one set of standard profile roller.Profile Cutting Machine 10


Details:Profile Cutting Machine 7

Machine details 2




Model YJ-1650 YJ-2150
Profiling width max W1650 mm W2150 mm
Profiling depth max 30 mm 30 mm
Profiling axletree turning speed 0~25 r/min 0~25 r/min
Motor power 8.92Kw 8.92Kw
Cutting speed 0~25 mm 0~25 mm
Blade length L9260 mm L10400 mm
Machine weight 2000 Kg 2500 Kg
Machine external size L4200XW1250XH1550mm L4700XW1250XH1550mm


This machine is profiling cutting machine. It has mostly sponge rubber pressed wavy rubber. It is appropriate electron, delicate instrument, car seating, sanitarian thing and rich article of packing.At the same time it can also be used for the production of  makeup cotton, rigid foam insulation material, camera cotton,  mattress, sofa,  Silencing foam, Shaped sponge and so on.

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